Fake Love

my life, my life, my life, my life,

yeah, yeah, yeah

fake love is wen your homie give you dap,
smile in your face wen he want your ass clapped,
fake love, fake love is wen they never be around,
but once you get rich they all get down,
fake love, fake loves wen yo freinds fuck yo bitch,
dont think with his head, only with his dick,
fake love, so my freinds enemies and my enemies be friends,
dont show no love, dont pretend

50 got yayo gettin all this cash, now all these yes men wanna kiss my ass
but back in the street you aint help me re-up,
locked up had court dates you never showed up,
wat the fuck, tell me wat you runnin at nigga,
if i get killed, my stash you spendin that nigga,
some people want nuttin outta life and some people want it all,
lets roll,
i see the jealosy and envy wen you see me shoppin,
saphyre watch got your jaw droppin,
when i move that 8th, you seven gram poppin,
you aint happy for me, you hope that the feds watchin,
i aint stoppinhomie im number one, while you schemin on me im playin it dumb,
so wen it comes to the point is you ready to flip?,
im a pull out first and let my clip,


now your man aint your man if he extortin nigga,
and your man aint your man if he shortened nigga,
listin, munny talks and bullshit runs marathons,
wen your munnies gone, thats them hoes gone,
fake love is wen your nigga stitch you up,
i aint kno about your chain, wen ur ??? was tucked,
you kno the type to rat you out n sell you out,
get locked and your man aintgon bail you out,
you gota brand new whip, your shit lovely,
yeah its aight but its rims are ugly,
fake freinds show fake love,
you kno the type of nigga that will leave you in the club

9.12.05 16:59

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